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Micky Ball

EINSTEIN: “Most fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple and may be expressed in a language understood by everyone!”

The SPACE CLUSTERS-THEORY attempts to unify the Theory of Relativity, Quantum String theory, and Universal Spirituality. Based on three simple principles: no straight lines ; from the One comes the many and the evolution of an individual, indivisible, infintesimal, “Re’-Mass” of light.

Accepted scientific thought :

“The four-sided tetrahedron is the simplest possible enclosure, mathematicians call it a “simplex.” Drawn as a cage, or wire frame, it has four windows, four corners, and six edges. No space-enclosing network has fewer windows (facets) than four. The cube (or hexahedron), by contrast, has six facets, eight corners, and twelve edges.

Plato’s five regular solids


The definitions of Plato and Euclid have stood for thousands of years as we proceeded on our quest to leave the planet. This new point of view from space has led us from the two dimensional, plane world of straight lines and curves that remain on the surface to the new “Space Between.” We must re-define the basic buildig blocks of the universe so we may explore the new dimensions that await us. There is no up or down in space, no East or West, no top, no bottom; no flat, no plane at all.

The new rule:
The simplest possible regular enclosure has three identical faces, three edges, two vertices, an inside and outside, occupies space, all angles are congruent, has spin-ability, conforms to Euhler’s Rule and is smaller than a tetrahedron.

TRION RE fig. 2.

It is the basic building block of the universe. I call it a “trion re” the Polynesians may have called it a “Star Seed.” Leon Lederman, the noted physicist, might call it “The God Particle” from his book of the same name. “From the one comes the many.” It can be described as energetic matter using the principals of force (pushing), gravity (pulling), and radiation (spinning). (I believe there are even smaller regular polyhedrons in the space between the trions.)
A fundamental string has mass and consists of two vectors located on a regge trajectory, 3 curved tensed edges emanate from zero point located along the regge trajectory. Spin occurs along the three edges that radiate from one singularity zero point to an event horizon then gravitates and compress’s to another zero point. it is at these zero points that the intersection of forces merge with like quanta, forming the continuous string.
It is necessary to redefine a line or string in a three-d universe: a string has dimension. It is this geometry we must use to find our way in the hidden multi-verse of a twelve dimensional photonic, geodesic matrix.

fig. 3.

Fig. 4. ScientificAmerican1991

The photo on the left describes the dynamic evolution of energetic matter moving in twelve dimensions. From its core all the way to its spherical surface. In the process creating all the Platonic solids in different ratios to each other.
There is no linkage to the evolution of the structure indicated in the bucky ball on the right.

ELASTIC INTERVAL GEOMETRY As the cosmic structure grows more complex (dense) it compresses the arc of the three curved edges of the “ trion re”. The points of convergence become shorter in time but the distance the light must travel remains the same. This process causes tension to increase and energy to compress into smaller and smaller regular geometric spaces creating gravity as it continues to spin and compress. The light does not dissapear.

Geometry in the sub-atomic world exsists in four-dimensions simultaneously, rest-tetron fig.5. ( exploding and imploding , positive and negative at the same time; zero.) exploding- tettrex, fig.6. (positive curvature, inhale); imploding- tetrine fig. 7. (negative curvature, exhale) ; Perception-tetrahedronfigs. 1.right and fig. 8. is the fourth- dimension of the mind of the observer. It is the percieved world of flat space and the straight line; the begining of the invention of time.

fig. 5.

Fig. 6,7,8

Feynman’s prettty pictures are expressed in a two-dimensional straight line continum. Straight lines do not reveal the space between. This is the domain of abstract concepts of Quarks of different flavors,and colors, and bosons, and gluons, and electrons, and positrons, and on, and on’s and on’s, in a never ending creation of space; Constantly redfining itself in twenty-dimensions. Ever smaller ever larger.

The flat bug in Einstien’s three-sphere theory may inevitabley return to the same place in space that it started ; but in the four-sphere it could transcend to another space all together if, it could become aware of the space between. It is not a closed universe. It is not a question of the size of the diameter of a circle or a sphere it is about the process of the evolution of a circle or a sphere and there relationship to each other. The balloon does not pop it reproduces itself in 12 directions, constantantly creating new spaces between the spheres and the center is everywhere and the options abound.


The technology of generating and harnessing light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is the photon. The science includes light emission, transmission, deflection, amplification, and detection by optical components and instruments, lasers and other light sources, fiber optics, electro-optical instrumentation, related hardware and electronics, and sophisticated systems.

fig. 9. Trion re

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Fig. 10.

TRION RE fig. 11.

TETRON side view fig. 12.
Fig. 14.


Fig.11. The distance in time (imaginary straight line between the points) is shorter than the distance of curved line, the distance the light has to travel is the same on all. Light follows the curve. Figures 13. & 14. represent the path from one dimension to to another.

Fig. 13.

Fig. 14.


The “Trion” is the great creator for when we start building structures that follow the form and geometry of light we find that surrounding all combinations of these solids, trions lace along the perimeters and into its inner space forming a superstructure that follows its own built in evolution. The perimeter becomes the interior, only to transform and transcend to a new perimeter.

There is a cosmological constant contained in the geometry of a single “re’-mass” of light (trion re). This constant seems to transcend as the the structure evolves into other structures. All constants seem to exsist simutaneously as they grow into more complex structures . They are here; and they are there.

Nothing can exsit out of context! The five regular solids described by Plato are formed by a synergistic birthing of other basic forms and ultimately from the “ONE” basic form, a “trion-re.” Mother nature does not take a sissors and cut out 4 triangles and then paste them togeather. In the twelve-dimensional universe it takes 6 trions to make one tetron.(tetrahedron). It takes 4 tetrons to make 1 octatron and in between the 4 tetrons and the one octatron you will find 12 trions. Trions surround everything. This process transcends until all the regular solids are formed. When this synergy reaches its first complete evolution a sphere will appear. Not an empty sphere, but a multi-sphere described in perfect symmetry all the way to the core… an icosatron. figs. 3.&.14.
Imagine a loom for weaving a rug, not a two-dimensional loom, but a multi-dimensional loom. With a shuttle cock made of a continuous thread of light, “Star Seeds, Trion Re’s, ” figs.9., 11., and 15. radiating from an infinite number of sources coming from an infinite amount of places for an infinite amount of time un-manifest in the emptiness of space until they find and penetrate the atmosphere of a planet, a womb, mother earth.
If we wish to know the preconditions of organic life, we must reconstruct and examine the environment of the processes operative before and during its appearance. In the early history of our earth, the entire planet was a fiery mass from which the preconditions of life were absent. Over eons of time the earth began to cool, with thechange of temperature many of the elements of earth came into being. After more eons, we see the progressive appearance of an atmosphere with air and boiling water and the ever-increasing solidification of magna into solid earth.
The appearance of life can only manifest between an acceptable ranges of temperatures. At the outer edge of the atmosphere, temperatures were to cold to support life and the boiling waters of the surface were too hot. Above these warm masses of water existed a great zone of vapor, which was not as hot as the water and not as cold as the upper reaches of
Fig. 15.
the atmosphere. It is in this” space between” that these elemental life forms could have first appeared, even if for a brief time. As they fell into the boiling seas, they were they died or they were carried on the currents of vapor into the higher cold zone where they also died. Life existed but, for only a brief moment.
After millions of more years, the space between the cold zone and the warm zone expanded and these first beginnings of life became larger, heavier, with a thicker skin. It is in this “space between” that we observe the process of not only the beginnings of life on this planet and its evolution to the present, but also, the parallel structure of inorganic matter as well.
We must now examine the structure of our “star seed.” As this individual ray of light enters our atmosphere it is traveling at the speed of light, for it is light itself. It is spinning as it moves, creating an electromagnetic field that attracts the matter that is mingled in the vapors of the atmosphere. Matter attaches itself to our “ Trion Re” but has a vulnerable, ephemeral skin, which is quickly burned away, as it descends to its fiery demise or shatters in the cold upper atmosphere. However, as the process of cooling continues, the amount of matter that is attracted to the magnetic field created by our spinning “star seeds” increases, giving it greater protection from the environment and its existence is prolonged.
There is another thing happening with our individual “RE”, it is interacting with an infinite number of other “Trion Re”. in a predictable pattern, it is this pattern that is absolute in the universe and resembles our three-dimensional loom discussed above. As this process continues over millennia our “light beings” grow and become more complex. They become heavier and begin to fall into the now temperate oceans containing more chemicals than existed in the vapor. This enrichment produces a greater variety of the forms of life; new species appeared and a greater diversity of life evolved in the oceans and in its time to us.

Contained within all things is this continuous thread of light. It has been said that there are two types of gravity; the one we are most familiar with, as described by Newton and his apple and the one described by the ancient Essene, the gravity of light which makes all living things move back toward the light from which it came. All living things grow upwards toward the light, away from darkness. C’est la Vie.

fig. 16
four tetrons and one octatron


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