Science Papers


EINSTEIN: Most fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple and may be expressed in a language understood by everyone!

CHARLES MINGUS: making the complicated simple is true creativity.

If Light is a solid it can hold a thought.

The language of art is a visual language, that needs no translations. It communicates directly to everyone with out words. It is experienced and understood just by its presence. Nothing more need be said. I too ask the questions; where did I come from? How did I get here? Where am I going? What are the stars made of? I use the language of Art to answer these questions for myself and the viewer. Long before the written word the ancient ones understood they were not seprate from the universe. Without beginning every one saw the embillical cord attached to every child including themselves in an infinite and eternal cycle spun from the comings and goings of the light. They were able to invent art, agriculture, astronamy, religion, science, civilization itself. They communicated with visual images, which came long before the written word. I like to remind my scientist friends that art long predates the invention of science.

My favorite fairy tale as a child was Aladdin and The Magic Lamp. Oh! If only I had that lamp I could have anything I wanted! I used to go out to the alley behind my house and wait for the junk man to come with his horse and wagon singing "Old rags and iron! I was always looking for that Lamp! I wanted to be Aladdin so bad. It was many years later that I realized that I was the Genie, not Aladdin. I figured out how the Genie did it! He knew how the universe was put together; after all, he resided in the lamp of light!

This book is about a unique way of looking at the universe. The dimensional structure of a single ray of light and the multi-dimensional self-organizing path that light takes to create everything in the universe. Light is the source of all things. It is self-evident; without light there is nothing to talk about. Every cell in your body is a multisensory, multifaceted communication device that responds to the modification of light along an information pathway that permeates through the universe. Carl Sagan was right. "We are made from the stuff of stars. It was this personal search for a universal truth and the space between the balloons that, for me, bridged the gap between believing and knowing. It was no longer abstract. It no longer had to be translated. It was experiential. Language played no part in the explanation of universal concepts; it was all in the doing. The sound of the rain needs no translation.

It became apparent that religion and science are but an analogy of each other, each is but an explanation of the same concept; the search for the one indisputable, indivisible, immutable law that governs the workings of the universe. To have a visual reference of what this matrix might look like, imagine a loom for weaving fabric, not a two-dimensional loom, with a warp and a weft but a multi-dimensional loom with a warp, a weft and a "wow", width, length and breadth, and a shuttle cock made of a continuous thread of light, "Star Seeds " or a "Trion Re" weaving the fabric of space itself. This matrix or topology is reminicent of the Hindu creation myth of Indra's Net which provides an allegory of this interdependent organization. This net exists in Indra's palace in heaven and extends infinitely in all directions. At each node of the net where threads cross there is a perfectly polished pearl that reflects all the other pearls in the net. As each gem reflects every other one; so are you affected by every other system in the universe. "In every particle of dust, there are present Buddhas without number."

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