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The Fool's Money

Can I relate or must I wait;
am I too early or to late.
For when I speak I cast my fate
response can hardly wait.
Words are cheap when from the cheek
only when written do they begin to speak.
For when we come face to face
its conversation and becomes a race,
each one, picking up the pace,
each one, trying to get first place.
But when I write , I am free to find
what I think is right.
Sure I'll make mistakes through the night;
but all is well by the light.
And when its done you disagree,
just ignore it and let me be.
I dont pretend to guarante
I just put it writing and wait and see.

MRE 1970


God How I Love These Things

love these things
owe you nothing,
not part of
the picture plane
by chance
unthought of
odd sizes
I love these things
pencil shavings
texture for me
all sizes
How I love these things
paper towels
clean my brushes
hot press
cold press
arches 400 lbs.
God, how I love these things.

MRE 2000



What has been.
Ecstasy of moment.
warm my chest.
in my ear.
around my head.
beneath my feet
in my heart.
to be forgotten

MRE 1999


Haiku Jack

Jack, Jack Kerouac
it's the beat generation
on or off the road.

A veil of romance
la reina de la noche
ma donna obsessed

Jack, Neal, Alan, Bill
ride the rail or sail the seas
just like Huck and Jim.

Jack, Jack Kerouac
were you smokin' on the road?
Stories we've been told.

Surf or dharma bum
all prisoners of our time
one more for the road.

The altar is gone
from lust to birth the cause of death
Dogma Days are done.

In dark, dingy places
more letters from underground
shooting galleries

Visions of Cody
instincts filter into mind
keyhole of his eye.

Next generation
superhighway speed of light
no secrets can hide

New millennium
we are riding on the web
on or off the road

Jack, Jack Kerouac
it's the next generation
still the beat goes on

MRE 1999


Life Philosophy
or How I Failed My Way To The Top

My investigations into the meaning of life and the study of its truths and principles is rooted in a deep desire to understand the workings of the universe and my particular part in it. At the age of six or seven, I remember thinking that somehow life was not necessarily what I was being told; there had to be something else. Maybe I began to suspect there was no Santa Claus. (In later years I was to embrace the concept completely.) Intuitively, I knew if I were to find answers I would have to have good questions. This became my first concept of philosophy: Answers were transitory; questions eternal. This basic principle grew in meaning. I was no longer concerned with finding answers of attaining goals. If my questions or path had merit, answers would surely be followed with new questions that would transcend my then-understanding to a new level of naiveté.

My personal interests gravitated to the esoteric teachings. My reading preferences have been exclusively in the non-fiction section of the library--History, Anthropology, Psychology Religion, Economics, Political Science and Philosophy were my constant bill of fare. I found that, with all my reading, I still did not know how to make this information work for me. I understood it from an intellectual standpoint but that was two-dimensional and it seemed apart from me. It had to become dimensional. It needed breadth. I had another problem with the academic treatises. They seemed to be in a constant state of conflict: religion versus religion; one economic system versus another, etc. There had to be an underlying truth that transcended intellectual and physical borders. I had grown tired of the defenses and debates.

It was in the early 70's that I began what was to become my life's work, the study of the structure of light. I became aware of the work that was coming out of the Bauhaus at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Buckminster Fuller was teaching there and one of his students, Robert Auerbach, turned me on to spherical negative and positive space. One of the things that Fuller would tell his class was to find the "universal intersection."

It was this search for the universal intersection and the space between the balloons that, for me, bridged the gap between the second and third dimensions. It was no longer abstract. It no longer had to be translated. It was experiential. Language played no part in the explanation of universal concepts—it was all in the doing.

It became apparent that religion and science are but an analogy of each other, that each is but an explanation of the same concept—the search for the one indisputable, indivisible, immutable law that governs the workings of the universe.
Just as the concept of Santa Claus left and returned to me, so has the idea of a power greater than myself.

MRE 9/9/00


Manifest Destiny

Lost in
a sea
of terra-cotta
the horizon
meaningless avenues
in hills.
Cougar tracks
now housing tracts
waves and waves

MRE 1999


Manolo's Lullaby

In the company of the great spirit
the Maria wind spoke to the grandfathers
about the ballet of birth
through endless space. A continuous ray of light
that brought forth a mighty sound
and the wind was first born and came to life.

From obscure origins came the recipe of life,
for all living things commune with the spirit
world. Beyond the the cave walls,the sound
of earths gravity flowed down toward the grandfathers
while the gravity of living light
was being drawn back to the source of it’s birth.

At the moment of birth
you may find a master to devote your life.
God resides in the seeds of light,
the essence of his spirit
speaks to the grandfathers
through the little ones sound.

In the language of dreams comes the the sound
of many lives and the moments of their birth
in a constant chord with all the grandfathers.
All time is one with this life,
a seamless thread weaving the spirit
into a an endless fabric of holy light.

In the darkness, it is the light
that leads our way. It is the sound
of tears and children's play that wakens the spirit
within us and gives birth
to our humanity. Light sound and life
are eternal, so say the grandfathers.

The great spirit has told the grandfathers.
that the holy stream of light
and the holy stream of life
and the holy stream of sound
can never die for their birth
has never been. Eternal is the spirit.

The grandfathers listen for the sound
of light in every birth.

MRE 1999


No Seasons, Please

Looking down at up
is merely a reflection,
mirror on the ground.

My new fountain pen
gold and shiny, costly too,
it drips just the same.

One word at a time
I write with the mosquitoes,
blood in every line.

MRE 1999


Nothing Is Something

I feel nothing.
Nothing is everything.
Something is not . . .
Nothing is quite real.
There is nothing to it.
When you have everything.
You are in need of nothing.
Now is surrounded by nothing.
Nothing is anything, not now.
When the cupboard is bare
It is filled with nothing.
Nothing takes up space.
Go outside.
There is nothing out there.
Look through the window
At yourself
Everything is nothing
If it is not you.
It is good to know a lot about nothing.
If you know enough about nothing
There is nothing more to know.

MRE 1999


One, Two, Buckle Your Shoe

He walked the way of warrior
crawling on his belly.

Flowers laid on a cross
legs they were of jelly.

He came upon the hidden wall
beneath a grassy knoll.

Names in granite of comrades lost
legs, not there at all.

He wonders where he left them.
They were there another day.

Maybe on the bus?

At home?


Oh, he remembers, he just forgets!

MRE 1999


Questions I Ask Myself

"God, country and Mom's apple pie."
What good is it if you don't have a mouth to eat it? "Johnny got his gun."
"A penny saved is a penny earned."
Not if you have to earn so much you can't save any time.
"My country right or wrong."
Maybe you're thinking too small: what about our world . . . ?
"All men are created equal."
Except those who can't afford it.
"Love it or leave it!"
Kiss my veteran ass!
"Your vote counts."
Not unless you're Jessy (The Body) Ventura.
"Democracy is the best form of government."
Has anyone ever thought of a lottery? Whoever loses has to serve, like jury duty.
"One nation, under God . . . "
Who's, yours or mine?
"With liberty and justice for all . . . "
Except Kikes, Niggers, Spics and faggots. Please don't be offended if I left your particular persuasion out.
"To serve and protect."
These guys and gals really scare me! There should be a law: anyone who carries a gun has to pass a sense of humor test.
When someone tells you, "Price is no object," you will never see the money.
"To protect America's vital interests."
Now there is a can of worms.
"Just say no to drugs."
Why? Everyone over fifty takes 'em. Just say thank you.

MRE 2/28/99



Marlboro Lights, just six left.
"I voted for the tax."

A yellow lighter,
"Was it mine or some else's?"

Cheese and crackers,
"Sorry only wrappers."

A bit of change,
"$2.95 to be exact."

Collectors' knife from Franklin Mint
"Do people really buy from them?"

Cards in a silver case.
"Artist, they say—just in case."

Diary from China.
"Just like Mellina's, she got hers in Germany."

Last of all my Pentel.
"Black, medium, rollerball."

MRE 1/15/99


The Gift of Tonkin Bay

We, the walking wounded,
By no fault of our own, happened
through the seeming void, exist
in a state of reflection.

In a returning shock, many were
Found gazing too intently.
Some were gathered for
observation, some were soon released,
some never left and some never found.

Bombs bursting in air loosed the mortar
of our minds. The very structure of
society, indeed our universe, lost in
the big bang.

The space filled with the reality of
others vanished, all that was honored
was void. The vacuum was ours

Dogma was dead. The sovereign
being was reborn. What was,
what is, and what will be; would
be held by each to the light
of his own reality.

MRE 1999


The House Of Now

I look back on my life, yet so new. Of many seasons past and many crops harvested; and in the sorrows and disappointments of my life, I have often thought the the always changing seasons would stop. That the wonder of spring would not this time melt the winter snow. That the summer sun would never again warm and tan my flesh. The colors of Fall would not this time dance with the vivid hues of seasons past.

The season of my reality was frozen in the cold and barren winter of my mind. But as it is it shall always be, time that heals the wounds. The scars that are left behind are often thought to be ugly and shameful, all that would look upon thee would find the scars offensive. But I say no, these are not the scars of ugliness but wounds justly won in battle. Not to be looked upon with pity or consolation but rather to be shared tacitly with others who had the courage to define their own reality. Theirs is a coveted sect rarely known to the passersby of this world. These are the ones who curse the wound for the scar left behind. I say no! not so. Love that which has made your awareness more than a slave to others thoughts. You had the courage to stand and face the world, to meet the fate of victor or vanquished the out come means not.

I ask why I am? I say because I must be. Who would know if I were not. The pages of time have no place for my name. My deeds will soak into the soil as do the heaviest of rains, some to be sucked downward into the earth where all things grow and some to evaporate back to the heavens from which it came.

Say take me wind of life, I want to ride the rapids of your waters.
To reach out and let you in.
To yield totally.
To cry out for mercy.
To touch anthers mind.
I wish not to possess, but to know.
I am real and can give only that which is real.
Look not for promises of the future,
for tomorrow lies in a world we cannot visit, not even for the smallest time.
We were born now, we live now and we shall die now.
Now is where we have always been.
Tomorrow is your unborn children’s place and there unborn children’s place
and when they are born their lives too shall dwell in the house of now.

Out of the sweet nights air comes the light of knowing day. With every breath my lungs expand with wonder and question. I see in the darkness an object tempting and forbidden, casting a sweet fragrance that beckons me into her womb. The scheme of life suddenly appears childishly uncomplicated,with form and dimension to all that which is born of that conscious beginning. An insight of vast proportion growing and multiplying in my mind. One must let his mark fall upon the surface of the Earth so that he may know the bond between his own being and the Universe. To know whence he has come and to yet know how far it is to go. To know when sorrow and pain seek my company to welcome them openly without fear, as the ocean seeks to swallow the earth, not as an enemy, but as that knowledge that there is an earth to be.

For every plus we must negate a minus.

As I am weak, I am strong.
As I am empty, I am full.
As I am alone, I shall know togetherness.
As I know myself , I shall know others.
As I know death, I shall know living.
As I am genius, I am idiot.
As I am naked, I shall know comfort.
To know the pain of too much tenderness.
To cry the tears of longing needs.
To hold that which is so real, close to me bosom.
To behold beauty, that no man can manufacture in his stores.
To be able to give so much.

A lump come to my throat and slowly descends into my innermost feelings; it suddenly explodes into a million fragments of life's knowledge. All the unfulfilled hopes and desires of the winter past filter through my mind. The fantasies that dance upon my brain warm me as no summer sun could ever do. The colors of my passion out do the most brilliant Autumn burn. Winter smiles with a knowing glow and the petals of spring flowers open excitedly to the sun; knowing that it would all happen again, grateful none the less.

MRE 1970


What is Reality?

Over the years, I have pondered the question "what is reality?" I read many books related to the subject and I have best defined it in my own words: "Reality is where a man is; truth is where he ought to be."

Webster's definition describes reality as, "1.) the state or quality of being real; 2.) resemblance to what is real; 3.) a real thing or fact." The definition I like the best is: "5.) philos. something that exists independently of ideas concerning it." It is interesting to note that in Webster's definition of "truth" he uses the word "reality" to help define the truth, almost making the two words synonymous and, most assuredly, an idiom—"in truth; in reality."

However, the Webster definition that brings these two concepts together is, "a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like."

Reality can be interpreted as any given place in which an individual finds himself at any give time. It is constantly changing; never the same.

Reality must always be quantified as to its common element to rule over all belief or circumstance. It is reality that if all beings do not have air to breathe, they will surely expire.

I believe that we have a dual concept in the word "reality," the key word being "believe." I believe this to be reality, or the truth. You believe that something else is reality or the truth. These concepts help do much to support scientific quantum physics as to the subjective nature of our thinking process.

In my own search for the meaning of "reality" I have continued to cling to the concept of absolute reality, beyond thought and mind, beyond the concepts of the personal or even the knowable.

MRE 9/9/00


When Words and I Are One

When words and I are one
fools' money can't dismay.
Much to do before I'm done.

What shall I tell my son
the role he should play?
Much to do before I'm done.

Can fuming phrase be undone?
Tongue must hold before I say:
Much to do before I'm done.

Heated fury be out-run.
This could be the day
when words and I are one.

You, my loving, rising son
came through me like a ray.
Much to do before I'm done.

The human race we have won.
May you do as I do and say what I say
when my words are I are one
Much to do before I'm done.

MRE 3/17/99


Whistle To the Wind

Whistle wind and listen in.
Whistle wind and let’s begin.

Your shrouds of clouds whistle long
above my head in muted song.

Naked branches reach on high
twisted fingers to the sky.

I feel your chill through my bone
of a longing past, but still alone.

Lights flicker in distant space
lift my body, light my face.

I stop upon a single star
somehow, not so far.

A recollection oh so slight
comes to me from the light.

Take me wind, bring me home.
I’m tired of being here all alone.

Whistle wind and listen in.
Whistle wind and let’s begin.

MRE 1970



It was a sun-moon morning today,
not a ripple on the sea not a wave.
At the moment of the dawn on that still and quiet sea
a bridge of gold beckoned to me.
Come away, come away
and the wind stopped blow'n,
and the leaves stopped fall'n,
not a bird on wing,
not a leaf in twirl.
A bridge of gold beckond to me
come away, come away .
As the sun was a rise'n
gently from the sea
that bridge of gold ceased to be.
The silence was broken
and the birds were a sing'n
and the leaves were a fall'n
and the wind was a blow'n
and I was a cry'n
and the sun was a call'n
come away, come away, come away




The art of the Samurai
am I.
In the infinite garden
go I.
Form gives way to endless streams
Farewell may not be, what it seems
say I.
The art of the Samurai
am I.
In the infinite garden
go I.
Ride a star that has ceased to be
on a beam of light, to infinity
do I.
The art of the Samurai
am I.
In the infinite garden
go I.
Loosed the chains of mind,
no concept of the time
for I.
The art of the Samurai
am I.
in the eternal and infinite garden
go I.

MRE 2003



Spaces are places
that leave fine traces
on lines of times
before there were rhyms.
Around round circles
on spheres of mind,
whirling in space,
turning in time.
Through streams of beams
of light do pass,
MC squared the energy mass.

MRE 1970


I am but a boy, yet to be a man
I wish to feel with love
and be what you hope I can.
I am but a child, naive this very day
there is so much I want to know,
maybe you could point the way.
I am but a man: this I know for sure
the beauty in a child
is the only thing that’s pure.
I am but a fool to think it ever be
a man become a boy
and takes to open sea.
I am but a moment in a myriad of endless time
I search for space between balloons
and make riddles of endless rhyme

MRE 1970



1969 -200..

Creation is the separation of opposites
division is the first act of creation

Respect the parts

In the West it is...
“ ...to be or not to be..” is not the complete question ,
add “...or to let be , that is the question...”
In the East it is
YIN and YANG , but what about YONG

We must seek alternatives

Everyone is correct now leave me alone!!

A ruler is only as good as its parts are equal.

Freedom is not being a slave to your own thoughts

What inducement is there to sell your brains to insipid leaders ?

The competition for your mind is intense.

By not knowing our possibilities we remain in bondage.
To know our perfection is to gain our freedom.

Once upon a point
along the line
the distance was
Quite plane

What seems to be apparent is assuredly transparent.
What you see may only be an illusion to bind you.

You can refuse to know something,
but you can’t escape the consequences of your refusal.

Life is the ultimate confidence game.
Society is set up so you will have more confidence in them , than yourself.
What you see may only be an illusion to bind you.

Higher consciousness uses all the rules, but is not limited by them

Have you ever rode in a bubble
neatly set inside.
It really is no trouble,
so just enjoy the ride.

Knowledge comes from expirence, be it conscious or otherwise.
Knowledge must flow through us for it is power.
To horde or hold on to power will surely blow a fuse.

We will never be completely civilized until we learn to feed each other.

my purpose is to explore freedom. It is inherent in all men.

You cannot buy gold. You must already have it.

When we assume responsibility for ourselves, we assure our place in the universe.

Most people given the choice between FREEDOM and SECURITY
would chose the latter.

You can’t hate money only the means in obtaining it
To worship money is fear, a defense against hurt.

I wonder what would happen if they printed money with disappearing ink ?

Through commerce and trade have the people of earth got to know each other.

The new world camouflages its leaders like those insects that resemble twigs and leaves.

I am more interested in justice than the law.
Justice must always be above the law.

Though everything is not permitted it is possible.

Intelligence will build a bridge between the worlds.

There is nothing new only that which has been forgotten.
where invention is concerned woe to the first comer.
The glory and profit goes to the one who comes after.

The present is no more than a point of contact
between the lines of the past and the future.

Everything is possible when we have conscious knowledge of our true self.

we must be conscious of each other.

We are the evolution.

The gift of life is the PRESENT.


It is a question of looking at things from a different point of view.

Every discovery at the level of basic structure is both positive and negative at he same time.

From the known to the unknown you must bridge the rapids of fear.
There are no edges to fall off the world.
Fear is the loss of confidence and doubt.

the world is not flat nor round,
but a sphere.
You cannot fall off !

Why should anyone mind if I matter.
It is my mind and my matter.

“ Most fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple and may be expressed in a language understood by EVERYONE ! ”

Reality is where a man is as with a cat or goat
Truth is where he ought to be.

Straight lines exist only in our minds

If a circle has 360 degrees, than how many degrees are in a sphere ?

The new paradigm lies somewhere in the space between.

Was it an ARK or an ARC ?
The work is in constructing the ARC
The instructions come from the future , not the past.
Forget what you think you know.
Come as a child.
Everything is connected to everything.
it is how we connect the dots.
The truth lies in the space between.

Answers are only as good as the questions asked.
We must ask better questions.

Who am I ?
You are the Light !
How did I get here?
In an arc of Light !
What is my purpose ?
To fill the shadows with your Light !
Who are you ?

The right of Adam belongs to all men.
The freedom of choice.
that which is not freedom is not
My purpose is to call attetion to the perfection of man.
Man is perfect.
Man, let man be perfect.






Morning: "Angel of Air, enter my lungs and give the air of life to my whole body." Noon: "Our Father who art in Heaven, send to all your Angel of Peace; to our body the Angel of Life." Evening: "The Heavenly Father and I are ONE."

Morning: "The Earthly Mother and I are one; she gives the Food of Life to my whole body." Noon: "Peace within the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father; Our Father who art in heaven, send to all your Angel of Peace, to your kingdom, our Heavenly Father, your Angel of Eternal Life" Evening: "Angel of Eternal Life, descend upon and give Eternal Life to my spirit."

Morning: "Angel of Earth, enter my generative organs and regenerate my whole body." Noon: "Our Father who art in Heaven, send to all your Angel of Peace; to the kingdom of our Earthly Mother, the Angel of Joy." Evening: "Angel of Creative Work, descend upon humanity and give abundance to all men."

Morning: "Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give strength to my whole body.” Noon: "Our Father who art in Heaven, send to all your Angel of Peace; to our knowledge the Angel of Wisdom." Evening: "Peace, peace, peace--Angel of Peace, be always everywhere."

Morning: "Angel of Joy, descend upon earth and give levity to all beings.” Noon: "Our Father who art in Heaven, send to all your Angel of Peace, to humanity, the angel of Work.” Evening: "Angel of Power, descend upon my Acting Body and direct all my acts."

Morning: "Angel of Sun, enter my Solar Center and give the fire of life to my whole body." Noon: "Our Father who art in Heaven, send to all your Angel of Peace; to our family and friends, the Angel of Love." Evening: "Angel of Love, descend upon my feeling body and purify all my feelings."

Morning: "Angel of Water, enter my blood and give the Water of Life to my whole body." Noon: Our Father who art in Heaven, send to all your Angel of Peace; to our mind, the Angel of Power." Evening: "Angel of Wisdom, descend upon my thinking body and enlighten all my thoughts."




look for what is true in an others thoughts not what is wrong.
Form gives way to the advantage of stream.
The heavenly Father and I are One.
Truth resides in the space between.
speak only with love and kindness
From the ONE comes the Many.
Knights of the Royal Lights.
The One Is the All..
Every one is right !
The One is LIGHT.
This is real ; live.
We have Won !
We are One. .
In an ARC.
In the LIGHT.
without begining
The infinite universe
We travel within the light
The heavenly father and I are one
There is no day one; ... just one day.
We are the spaces between the Light;
An infinite cord through time and space.
The future and the past reside in the NOW
WE have always been and always be within the light
For Now is Won and so is  the ONE without beginning.





©MIchael R Evans All rights reserved
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